Monday, October 28, 2013

* 2013 - 2014 Curriculum Choices *

This is a little late since we officially start school October 1 (we school all year round, mostly unschooling during the summer months) I missed the deadline to link up to the Not-Back-To-School Bloghop hosted by the iHomeschool Network, but thought I would share what we will be doing this year anyway.

Bible: We Choose Virtues, Bible and memory verses from A Reason For...curriculum, The Dig for Kids

Math: The Critical Thinking Company Mathematical Reasoning and  Math DetectiveExtreme Dot to Dots, Lifepac, Dragon Box

Science: Apologia Zoology 3, Little Professor Science Kits,Apologia Astronomy

Spelling: A Reason For Spelling
Grammar: Editor in ChiefAmish Readers

Writing: A Reason for Handwriting

Vocabulary: Word Roots

Reading: Mensa ListA Reason for Guided Reading

Foreign Language: Signing Time for the little ones, Hebrew for the big ones

History/Geography: Stack A State, Lifepac

Music: A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers

Typing: Typing Instructor Platinum

Arts/Crafts: God and the History of ArtI Can Do All Things

P.E.: Christian Kids Fellowship Homeschooling Co-op

* Making New Crayons Out of Old, Broken Crayons *

Melt in mini-muffin tray. Cool, pop out of the pan. Easy to use for little fingers.

* First Day of School Field Trip *

Sunday, October 20, 2013

* Apologia 2013 - 2014 *

We are using Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy and Land Animals of the Sixth Day again this year. We are doing a basic read through of the astronomy and notebooking with the other.

From 2012 : My Space Explorers

* OneClickDigital *

My new favorite teaching tool. OneClickDigital through our local library. Check out ebooks and audio stories from your kitchen table. We are using the Mensa list for a reading list again this year and OneClickDigital has many of the books we need that.