Sunday, September 16, 2012

* Sept. 9 - Sept. 13 Wrap-Up *

Our first week went so smoothly. The kids and I had so much fun and it was incredibly calm. They even asked if we could do school on Saturday and Sunday. I told them we could  read our read-outloud books and maybe do calendar time.

Monday: Calendar, We Choose Virtues - Diligence, History, Amish Readers, Read, Write, Build (RWB) Mats, Critical Thinking Skills Workbooks, Multi/Divis. Math Work, Game - Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego, Read out-loud-Little Toot and Strawberry Girl

Tuesday: Calendar, Diligence, Geography (ID), Amish Readers, History, Handwriting, Editor in Chief,           Grace - comprehensive workbook, RWB Mats, Read out-loud - The Snowy Day and Strawberry Girl

Wednesday: Calendar, Diligence, Geography (CT), History, Editor in Chief, Read out-loud - A Blessing from Above, Flip the Dolphin, Corduroy and Strawberry Girl

Thursday: Calendar, Diligence, Geography (MD), History, Editor in Chief, Math (Rods and WB), Read out-loud - The Cats of Tiffany Street, A Lion Grows Up, I Like Cats, and Strawberry Girl

Science was a skip week this week.

The kids are reading:

Asa: Black Beauty
Zach: Beast Quest
Grace and I: The Little Princess

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