Thursday, November 29, 2012

* Oliver H. Kelly Farm Visit *

Over MEA weekend our homeschooling co-op went to the Oliver H. Kelly Pioneer Farm to see the day to day activities of a pioneer family. Oliver Kelly's family had more money that your average family in that time. He purchased 169 acres along the Mississippi River, thinking that the state capitol would be located in Anoka, which was not to be but the farm still stands today, just as it was when the Kelly's lived there.
 This is the chicken yard. There was no such thing as chicken wire then.
 Chicken coop. I love the structure and lines of this building. We will be constructing a new chicken coop next spring and our plan is to build something close to this, if not this exact shape.
 We have some old sliding glass door that would go along this wall of the coop, facing the south. It will keep lots of light in the coop and let what little sunshine we have for heat in, in the winter.
Free range hogs!


 This is the ox cart. The kids had to empty the manure out of it before they could get a ride.
 Four month old Shorthorn calves, they will be in training to become oxen for the next four years.
Love this barn, I really wish we had a hill to build our barn into. We actually have a hill, but it is about 500 ft from our current barn, water, and electricity. Also, I think the kids would be a bit upset if their sledding him became cow pasture.

The wood fired cook-stove. The pieces of wood that fit in the firebox are about 12 inches long and only take about 20 minutes to burn. The children were responsible for filling the wood box, without a reminder from mom.

We had a wonderful day and are hoping to go back next year when the gardens are in full swing and there are more activities for the children to participate in.

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  1. I went there as a kid with girl scouts and I had a blast feeding the pigs and making a corn husk doll. One of my favorite childhood memories!